Monday, November 5, 2012

Las Vegas

 We took a trip up to Las Vegas again this year.  This trip was the last full weekend before the kids started school.  It was a fun trip.  We again, rented a boat up at Lake Mead and we all enjoyed the water.  One scary thing that happened on this trip was Kora actually got lost on the Las Vegas strip.  It was a terrifying few minutes when we realized she was not with us.  Kelly ran back searching for her, while I stayed with the other 3 kids and my mom.  It turns out she got distracted at the Madame Tousads wax figure museum.  When we all walked past, she stayed to look.  Thankfully one of the workers noticed she was alone and kept her until we found her.  It was a scary experience.  We were definitely blessed that she got lost there rather than on the street.  I think our Heavenly Father was definitely watching over her.  Overall, it was a fun trip, with an interesting memory to go with it. We're just so glad that she was fine and safe.

The kids at Buffalo Bills, riding the rides.  There aren't many rides at Buffalo Bills, but the kids had a great time.  The only 2 rides the kids could really go on was this jumper ride and the laser shooter log ride.  Hunter and Kora went on the Log ride multiple times.  Mylie went on about 2 times, and then stayed on the jumper the rest of the time.  She probably went on it somewhere around 20 times, enjoying each time up as if it was her first.  
 Here we are at the Venetian, such a beautiful hotel.  
 The kids and my Dad at the Blue Man Group display. 
Hunter and my Mom.
 Sisters in their swim suits, life jackets and shades. 
 Kelly let's Kora drive the boat.  
Skylar girl in her life jacket.
   Swimming in the lake.  

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hunter's Baptism

 Hunter was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints On July 7, 2012 days after his 8th birthday.  It was a beautiful day.  His Dad baptized him and his Uncle Bryan gave a talk on Baptism.  Both did an amazing job.  Hunter said the water was warm and he felt like he was clean.  He was also so glad that so much of his family could be there for his very special day.  
 Hunter and his Dad in their whites. 
 Family picture after the baptism.
Group family picture, minus the photo taker, Darren Perrucci.  

Monday, October 1, 2012

Great-Grandpa Kerr

 Kelly's Grandpa passed away on June 19, 2012.  He was a kind, loving man.  He loved his family.  He would often be found talking about his 12 great-grandchildren.  We have lots of cherished memories of him.  The above picture was the last full family picture that we have with him.  This is from when he came to our house this last Easter.  One thing that I will always remember about him is that he was always there.  He came to every special event.  The next few pictures are a few memories we captured that show his love for his family.  He was a very special man and we are so grateful to have had him in our lives. 
 Great-Grandpa and 9 of his 12 great-grand children this last Christmas
 Great-Grandpa and Skylar
 Kelly, Hunter, Kelly's Dad and Great-Grandpa
 Hunter and Great-Grandpa
 Ruth, Great-Grandpa, Hunter and Kelly
 At Hunter's 1st Birthday Party
 Ruth, Bryan, Kelly, Kora and Great-Grandpa at Kelly and Bryan's University of Phoenix graduation
 Great-Grandpa and Kora on her blessing Day
 Great-Grandpa and Kora
 Bryson, Great-Grandpa and Hunter.  Grandpa celebrating his 80 something birthday and the boys trying to help him blow out the candles.
 Kora, Great-Grandpa and Ruth at Kora's 1st Birthday Party
 Kelly, Kora, Hunter, Santa (Great-Grandpa) and Me.  Grandpa loved to dress up as Santa and did it for many years.  He did it twice for our kids and the kids were thrilled with the magic of Christmas those years and felt extra special that Santa visited them at their Nani's house. 
 Great-Grandpa at the hospital, holding Mylie
 Kristin, Jeremy, Thalia, Nani Jo, Kent, Me, Mylie, Kora, Hunter, Susie, Kelly, Gene, Great-Grandpa and Ruth.  All the family that came down for Mylie's Blessing
 Great-Grandpa and Mylie
 Becky, Bryan, Great-Grandpa, Jodie & Kelly

 Santa visits our kids again
 Great-Grandpa celebrating Mylie's 1st Birthday
Great-Grandpa, Mylie and Kora at one of Hunter's T-Ball Games

We are so used to him being at all our family events that it is hard knowing that he wont be at any more.  We are so grateful for the plan on salvation and know that this is only goodbye for now and not forever.    We love him and we miss him, but look forward to seeing him again.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Reunion 2012 - Kailee's Baptism

 Our niece, Kailee, was baptized down here.  We felt blessed to be able to share this day.  Because they are from Utah, we wouldn't have been able to go otherwise.  Kelly conducted the meeting, Kelly's brother, Bryan gave a wonderful talk about Baptism and Kailee's Daddy, Gus baptized her in the same font that her Mom, and her aunts and uncles were all baptized in.  It was a beautiful and special day. 

Bryson and Kora

 Kora, Taylor and Kailee
The whole family!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Reunion 2012 - Beach

Our niece, Kailee's birthday is June 15th and being from Utah, where there are no beaches, she chose to celebrate her birthday at the beach.  So, despite weather predictions of 66 degrees, we went to the beach to celebrate with her.  Freezing doesn't even begin to describe how cold it was.  Even though it was cold and windy, some of the kids still went in the water and played, while us adults stayed huddled in our swimsuits and sweaters.  Our plan was to have a bonfire at the beach but as the day progressed we realized that we wouldn't be able to stay until it got dark.  We ended up leaving and Nani Susie ended up getting a fire pit and we had our little bonfire at Nani's house and roasted smores.  It was a fun day and we were so glad to celebrate Kailee's birthday with her. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Reunion 2012 - Scandia

 Kelly and I live close to Scandia and we have never done more than miniature golfing there.  One of the reunion activities was to go there and ride the rides and miniature golf.  In the above picture the kids are posing at the golf course as we wait for an extremely slow family of 5 as they take 10-15 minutes at each hole.  Regardless, the kids had a great time golfing. 
 Kailee and Kora
 I don't know how I got such a good picture of the roller coaster.  It's a good one because we know every single person in every car.  This roller coaster may be smaller than many other roller coasters I have ridden, but it's certainly a good one.  It's fast, it's rough and it's bumpy.  Everything great about roller coasters.
 Hunter, Mason and Preston.  Hunter is not a thrill seeker.  It was only by pure luck of being short that he was able to save face when the rest of the family went on the roller coaster and bigger rides.  This ride that the picture was taken on was the one ride that was Hunter's favorite.  Him and Mason went on it numerous times.  I would even venture to say he went on it at least 15 times.  It was especially funny to see that him and Mason would often be seen sitting next to random girls who didn't have anyone else sitting with them.  There was a big group of kids that came to the park for a field trip and Hunter and Mason decided to sit with different girls when they rode instead of sitting with each other.  When I asked him why he was sitting next to strangers, his reply, "They were by themselves."  I'm not sure if I think this is extremely sweet or if I should worry.  Regardless, it is cute. 
 Dallin and Bryson
 Susie and Bryan
 Kora, Kailee and Taylor
 Mylie and Tylie, best buddies.  This ride and the slide were Mylie's favorite. 
Kelci and Hunter.  Again, Hunter sitting with a cute little blonde who happened to be sitting all by herself.  Although, this time he actually knew this little cutie. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Reunion 2012 - Championship Games

The following posts will be part of a few ongoing posts that relate to the same things, a Kerr Family Reunion.  Kelly's Dad retired and because of this retirement ALL of Kelly's siblings and their families came out to celebrate.  We had a fun time spending so much time together with family we rarely see.  Sadly, at this same time Kelly's Grandpa got sick and ended up passing away while everyone was down.  I think it was a blessing to be able to have everyone down. 
 While everyone was down, Hunter had his Championship baseball games.  His team ended up losing both games but it was fun to have the support of his cousins and family.